“Профессиональный стандарт учителя английского языка»

Статус: бюджетный Очная форма обучения Итоговый документ: Документ установленного образца о повышении квалификации (удостоверение) Объем: 72 часа  Основные дидактические единицы программы: Standards for Learning Languages — World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages Interpersonal, Interpretive Presentational Communication. Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives: Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied. Connect with other disciplines and acquire information in order to use the language to function in academic and career-related situations. Making Connections: Learners build, reinforce, and expand their knowledge of other disciplines while using the language to think critically and creatively to solve problems. Focus of changes. Paradigm Shift: Understanding and Implementing Change in Second Language Education Eight changes are: learner autonomy, cooperative learning, curricular integration, focus on meaning, diversity, thinking skills, alternative assessment and teachers as co-learners Key components on this shift concerned. 21st Century Skills for English Teachers (21SET). Development  Principles Novice teachers need to master some basic teaching competencies in order to ‘survive’ in the classroom and yet still give their students a positive experience. Professional development and know-how result not from training but from watching experienced teachers teach, talking to them, trying things out and thinking about and discussing one’s experiences with one’s peers. Teachers learn to teach by teaching , Novice teachers become  competent  through experience and reflection. Teacher Training and Teacher Development: Definitions. Three models of teacher learning: the applied science, craft, and reflective models. Teaching is mainly a practical skill. The reflection model, according to which teachers learn by reflecting on their own experience and applying what they have learned in order to develop their professional abilities further. Teacher training may be defined as preparation for professional practice usually through formal courses at colleges or universities Teacher development, on the other hand, usually refers to professional learning by teachers already engaged in professional practice, usually through reflective discussion sessions based on current classroom experience. Lesson Planning,  Instructional Objectives. Learning Styles The ABCD of Learning Objectives, SWBAT objectives: Objective writing principles SMARTA Begin With The End An effective teaching strategy  and  principle  Self-reflection questions for microteaching  Giving  clear instructions — DOs and Don’ts. Promoting fluency in EFL classrooms (James Dean Brown , Hartmann and Stork,  Fillmore). Minimize error correction. Create Many Opportunities for Students to Practice. Listening Comprehension Problems. Barriers to Acquiring Listening Strategies for EFL Learners and Their Pedagogical Implications. Developing Reading Skills. General Guidelines for Reading Comprehension Twelve skills: Answer main idea  questions correctly, Recognize organization of ideas,  Answer detailed questions correctly , Answering questions about unspecified details, Noun Agreements & Pronoun Referents In the reading section, Answer indirect detail questions correctly, Correctly answer transition questions, Vocabulary questions, Demonstrate understanding of word parts or multiple word structures, Understand the meaning of difficult words from looking at the context. Show where specific information is found. Demonstrate understanding of the overall tone, purpose or location/course of the passage. Reading, Vocabulary  and Grammar  Tests  Methodology Test, Educational Psychology  Questions to Reflect on Системно-деятельностный подход к обучению английскому языку  Целевая аудитория: Учителя иностранных языков Куратор курсов: Семенова Вера Дмитриевна  ]]>

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